My Story!

It all started in the early 80’s, after having spent time playing in local bands. My first musical adventure was a synth band called Svart Natt (Black Night) and later on, after being influenced by upcoming U2 I joined a band called Criss 99. We recorded and released an album that became a small local success. During this period, I realized that the music studio was the place for me. After being offered employment as an assistant in a big studio complex in Stockholm (Europa Studios) by Ola Håkansson “founder and MD at Stockholm Records” I was in heaven! From that moment on, I was extremely happy to be able to run errands and supporting stars and staff with coffee. It so happened that after working hours, during the night, I got to experience an amazing new world consisting of a proffesionel music studio, all by myself!
After a while I started to work as an in-house engineer and did re-mixes during night time. When all producers and engineers have gone home for the day I started working with the track. Often I worked all night until morning when the others came back to the studio. Tired and nervous, I presented my work and sometimes they liked it and sometimes they did not! I lived for the precious moments when they liked my work and quickly forgot my failures and in time they became fewer.
The following years were filled with hard work and fun, and slowly but surely I developed a skill for the trade! I got to work with artists such as: Army Of Lovers (Crucified, etc) and many other local Swedish act’s all the way up to 1992 when I teamed up with Tommy Ekman to form the production team – Adebratt & Ekman. All through the 90′s we worked with artists like Inner Circle, Ace of base, Aqua, Dr Alban, Real Mc Coy, All 4 One, Aalliyah, etc…
In the year 2000 I took part in founding The Sprinkler production house, which includes Sprinkler recording facilities (a 4 studio complex in the center of Stockholm/Sweden) as well as a label partnership with Universal Music – Sprinkler Records.
A collaboration with Daniel Jones ”Savage Garden” resulted in a project with an Australian group called Aneiki which was a success in Australia. I continued my collaboration with other production teams like, C&N Productions where I worked with Antique, a Swedish-Greek Dance/Pop group with an ethnic touch that became a huge success.
During the early 2000’s, I traveled to Phuket, Thailand for a long and well-deserved vacation. Once there, I decided to stay and start up a new business with a focus on film production for the tourism industry. In the following years, I created many different films for dive companies, travel companies, hotels, IT companies and even an international school. And of course, I used my musical skills to create the soundtrack to my movies.
In 2005, I decided to return home to Stockholm, Sweden. For a while I continued my musical adventure but quickly felt that it did not give me the same satisfaction anymore. I decided to explore my opportunities in sales and after a somewhat difficult time, success came even in this new area. I discovered pretty quickly that the creativity I have previously used in music and the visual arts, I could also use when I conducted business. It was an amazing feeling to experience success in a profession far away from the activities I previously worked within. I had taken the big step from music, movie and photo into sales and business development!
Per Adebratt